MS Bookings Licensing

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The team I am a part of are looking to setup a complex booking system to allow students to book onto classes with staff using MS Bookings on behalf of a different team within our University.
My team all have A3 for faculty licenses and will be the ones setting up the bookings calendar, add staff, the services and creating the bookings page.
The team who we are creating the bookings system for all have A1 for faculty licenses and the students who will be booking onto the sessions will have A1 licenses.
My question is: We believe that only my team will need the A3 licenses to setup the bookings system and that the staff using it along with the students booking onto it will all be fine with an A1 license. Is this correct?
Or would the staff involved also need an A3 license? 

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I believe you should be fine even with A1 licenses. But nobody here is authorized to quote licensing terms on behalf of Microsoft, so best talk with your local representatives.