Moving 2 email accounts to new tenant...

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Hi - we have a couple of folks spinning out of our company into a new one, which will also use O365. We're happy for them to take their email with them. They have been using one of our domains, but not our main one and will be able to use that domain as their own. Is there a way to do this or are we looking at creating .pst's and importing after they've left our tenancy and have their own?


I had a look but could only find stuff on moving entire tenancies.


Many thanks :)

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There’s a few ways, but if it’s only a handful of people and mailboxes that aren’t large, doing the PST thing is one option.

Other options include Cross-Tenant Mailbox migration (see link below) which is in public preview and third party tools like BitTitan.
Cool, thanks for this. I'll follow the link. :)