Microsoft Visio Data Visualizer add in won't load in Office 365.

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The new Microsoft Visio Data Visualizer Add In won't load in my Office 365 Excel app. What I get is a white box that says loading and then the Microsoft Edge opens with a blank screen.


Is there any way to correct this?


Screen Shot Visions Data Visiolization won't load.png

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I also receive this error. If you move the tab or document you can briefly see the sign in screen that is supposed to load. @B_Van_Spanje 

Has this been resolved? I am having the same problem and I just started using the Data Visualizer @B_Van_Spanje 

I'm guessing that since this is still in public preview, they'll take it into account and get it right for the final version. @TracyBe7588 

I have since got a new computer to replace my original 8.1 one and the Visio Add in works on that one. But it still doesn't work on my older computer which has Windows 10, but was originally a 8.0. Not sure if the age of the computer has anything to do with it.

@TracyBe7588 Just wondering, is your Office 365 32 bit or 64 bit?

Good question. I am not seeing anything specific for Office 365. My computer is new and 64bit if that makes any difference.

I do have MS office 2016 suite installed. However, I also have the 365 online account.

I am the first person in the organization to use the data visualizer tool with the plan it's associated with. So there isn't anyone I can reach out to at work.

I also have a new computer, 64 bit, with Office365 and the latest in Visio.

I misread the question. Computer is 64 bit. Office365 is 32 bit.

@DougPetroshius I am just looking at the possibilities at what is causing this problem. The Visio add in doesn't work on my 32 bit Office 365 Excel on my old computer, but it works perfectly OK on the 64 bit Office on my new computer. Interesting that you are experiencing the same thing on your 32 bit Office. I wonder if this is the cause.


Since January 2019, Microsoft changed the default installation of Office from 32 bit to 64 bit.

@DougPetroshiusyou can always try to uninstall the 32 bit Office and then install the 64 bit Office to see if that does the trick.

@TracyBe7588Check to see if your version of Office is the 32 bit version. Let me know if it is.

My employer required the 32 bit install. perhaps I'll wait until it's out of preview? @B_Van_Spanje 

@B_Van_Spanje Where do I find Office version information?

@TracyBe7588The link below is pretty straight forward on how to tell whether your Office is 32 bit or 64 bit.


I used on 21-Feb and it worked fine but today no longer working.

While excel shows the add-in with "loading..." message my browser opens with a huge link that goes nowhere.  


My excel was just updated to version 16.0.12527.20242 and I have Office 365 subscription.

Looks like a new bug introduced in the add-in.



I'm having the same issue
I'm using Excel 365 64 bit, Windows 10 enterprise