Question about MFA for Office 365

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if we implement MFA for LAN; will the MFA for LAN sync w/ M365 so we have one token that protects both environments?



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Hey @Marquise199206 


Not exactly sure what you mean by 'MFA For Lan', office 365 has its own MFA requirements; where you would have to register for app/securityquestions/phone number/email etc. and thus the other MFA system you have for LAN will not protect office 365 if someone is logging in from outside your network.



@harveer singh 


Harveer, I should have been more specific. The users are looking at having MFA set up to log into their local Windows 10 pc accounts.


The question they are asking is if they implement MFA to log into their local computers will the MFA for the local computers sync with Office 365 so that they have one token that protect both environments?


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Hello @Marquise199206

Not by and large certain what you mean by 'MFA For Lan', office 365 has its own MFA prerequisites; where you would need to enlist for application/securityquestions/telephone number/email and so forth and in this manner the other MFA framework you have for LAN won't ensure office 365 assuming somebody is signing in from outside your organization.