Microsoft Forces Outlook Update

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Today, Microsoft is forcing users to update to the New Outlook.  The old Outlook is currently not offering the focused email option.  Access to Public Folders has been removed.


We have posted the importance of Public Folders to businesses in the forums many times.  Businesses use the Public Folders to allow team members to share project related email.  This has worked great since at least 2011.  If they are going to remove access to this email, why hasn't Microsoft offered an alternative?  Microsoft should be finding ways to allow teams to better collaborate, not remove applications that achieve better sharing of information. 


I have used and been a fan of Microsoft products since 1982 when I started my business with an IBM PC.  Microsoft is becoming more like Apple all the time, as if they know better what businesses need, and ignore what their customers are requesting.  That is a huge disappointment.



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It seems not to be the case according to Microsoft article but it's almost a year ago

This was not s problem in Classsic Outlook until last weekend. It has not been solved, and we no longer have access to Public Folders after 11 years with no problems. Microsoft did something to make them no longer available. This must get fixed!!!

@ArchitectChuck I should ask what version of Outlook you are running because Public folders are still accessible in Outlook. It would be best to go to the More Apps Icon, click the Folders icon when you click more apps and click Show All Folders. Here is the article that walks you through both Outlook options for Windows and New Outlook. Access public folders in Outlook for Windows - Outlook | Microsoft Learn