Mailbox usage/activity reports for Shared, room and equipment mailbox

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We have a lot of Shared, room and equipment mailbox. I'm looking for a way to clean up the ones that's not in use.

Is there anyway i can do this for Shared, room and equipment mailbox?
The Email activity reports that exists in admin gui only works for licensed users.

I figure i could do something with audit logs, however doing audit logs on 3000+ mailboxes is very time consuming, is there any script available for doing this on multiple mailboxes?

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The Mailbox usage report should feature Shared mailboxes now. Apart from that, script away :)

Instead of looking at audit log events, you can do something simpler such as checking the newest message in Inbox/Sent items?

Get-MailboxFolderStatistics shared -FolderScope Inbox -IncludeAnalysis -IncludeOldestAndNewestItems | select *ItemReceivedDate,*ItemLastModifiedDate
Aha, did not know that! Thanks. That makes my job alot easier. Too bad it doesnt include room/equipment mailboxes aswell.

But maybe i use newest message in inbox/sent for that. Thanks for help!