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Hi All,


I work for a small IT company and most of our users require Exchange, Office apps and MS Teams.  We have traditionally used Business Standard licensing to cover all these requirements.  However, more of our users now require a larger mailbox and online archiving so we have been allocating them Business Standard + Exchange Online 2.


My question is whether there is a more cost effective way to achieve Exchange with 100GB, Office Apps + Teams?  I realise I could go with an Office E3 license but this is marginally more expensive.  Thank you

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You can do like you are doing, and purchase the Exchange plan 2, and then uncheck the plan 1, and apply the plan 2, or you can upgrade them to E3. Thats your options.


So the user cannot have a 50gig mailbox and a 50gig archive? Why do they need more then 50GIgs in the main mailbox and cannot use the archive? They do know the bigger the mailbox, the more issues you will have with outlook? I know some users can justify the 100GIg mailbox,, but why


That could be a good option, keep them on EO1 as part of Business Standard and add Exchange Online archiving as an add-on.  It would be cheaper than adding E02


To be honest, it has only been a few users who have exceeded 50GB so was never a problem, however more and more are getting close so we need a better solution.


Thank you, I think that will work

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WHen you go to the users licenses, you will see the 366 Business Standard checked, but if you scroll down to the bottom, you will see something like Apps (48) , click on that and it shows you all the individual licenses that come with that bundle.

So Exchange online (plan 1) comes with a 50Gig mailbox AND a 50gig (Archive)

If you go purchase a "Exchange online (plan 2)", you add that to the user, and then under the "Apps (48) ((or whatever number)< you can Uncheck the "Exchange online (Plan 1)" that comes with the bundle, and then you should see "Exchange online (Plan 2)" is there, and it should be checked, so now you click SAVE

so, the user has a 365 Business Standard license, and an Exchange online (plan 2) license

Exchange online (plan 1) = 50Gigs mailbox and 50Gig Archive (so 100Gigs)
Exchange online (plan 2) = 100Gig mailbox and a 1.5TB Archive
Oh @stedy1901

Sorry, I missed something you said. I hope I made it clear in my other post, but just to recap it. You said "Leave the customer on 3665 business standard, and "Add the exchange online archive add-on"

No, you do not need to do that. Exchange online (Plan 1) already comes with Archive.

As mentioned above, here is what you get with the two Exchange plans

Exchange online (plan 1) = 50Gigs mailbox and 50Gig Archive (so 100Gigs)
Exchange online (plan 2) = 100Gig mailbox and a 1.5TB Archive

SO they both already come with the archive. You do not need to buy anything but the Exchange online (Plan 2), if you want to move them to the 100Gig mailbox, and it comes with the 1.5tb archive already.

And of course, the Exchange online (Plan 1) has a 50Gig mailbox and it comes with another 50gigs for the Archive. So do not buy anything but the main license.

That is why I was wondering why the user is not using the 50Gig archviec that already comes with the exchange online (Plan 1)

I am sure that 50GIg mailbox that user needs can either delete stuff they do not need, or, just enable the archive, that they already have, and then you can setup the retention policy that says "Anything over 2 years (or 3 years, or 1 year - whatever you want), and move those items to the online archive.

99.99999% of the time, the user does not need that much space and they do not know they have another 50Gig archive they can turn on.

Also, The user can see the online archive in OWA, outlook on desktop. Cant do it on mobile, but, if you just enable the online archive for the current license the user has, that should fix your issue and you do not have to purchase anything at this time
Hi David,
I didn't know about the 50GB archive included in EO1 so that pretty much solves our problem. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Glad I was able to help. That’s why I came back to say that last post. I just didn’t want you to spend money you don’t need to.

But that is what I was talking about since the first post.

Since you get a 50gig mailbox and a 50gig archive. So, all you need to do is enable the archive, and go look at creating some retention policies.

Now, one more thing that you might run across is

The “behind the scenes” service that moves the items from main mailbox to online archive, is called MFA (Manage Folder Assistant”

Now the key thing to know is, the MFA only runs once every 7 days. So, you could enable the online archive and you may not see anything move to the archive for 7 days.
But, you can run a powershell command to start it any time you want.

nce you’ve verified the Retention Policy, you can then run the Managed Folder Assistant on the specific mailbox with the following PowerShell syntax: Start-ManagedFolderAssistant <Mailbox>. For example, Start-ManagedFolderAssistant Email address removed. Once you applied the PowerShell command above, you wait for 5 minutes or so before logging into your OWA to check the progress of your Retention Policy.