How to Get Unlimited Licenses on Office 365 A1 for Education?

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Recently we decided to try out Microsoft Office Education products and we opted for Office 365 A1.

However, for my surprise, after the first users signed up, I noticed this weird thing on my Admin Center:



The admin center is limiting both faculty and students licenses to a total of 25 each.

As far as I'm concerned, Office 365 A1 is unlimited as long as your domain is connected (which already is).

I've opened a ticket with support a few days ago but still no solution on this.

Does anybody know what to do to get unlimited student licenses?

Even though as of right now, we only have 6 students signed up, I'm not sure if I want to move forward with this product because I don't know what will happen when we reach the limit of 25.


How do schools with 26+ students get around this?

Thank you

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You'll have to work with support on that. Try also contacting your local Microsoft representatives, they might be able to help steer things in the right direction.
As Vasil said

You can contact support and send in your EDU registration and we tag you in the billing system as EDU and that is what gets you your licenses

Contact support