Indexing of MSG files with attachments in SharePoint

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I have a question on indexing/searching in M365 SharePoint Online ... if I take an Outlook email message with attachments, and save it as a MSG file (which will have the embedded attachment), and then upload that MSG file to SharePoint Online, will the content of the attachment be indexed/searchable?


I.e., should I be able to search in SharePoint for a term/value that is contained in the attachment and get the attachment (or at minimum the MSG file) back in my results?  Currently it looks like this does not work out of the box, but should/can it work?  Is there some additional indexing setup that can be enabled to support this?



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It is an old post but perhaps useful if others have the same problem.
I have observed the same behaviour: the contents of msg attachments (e.g. pdf, docx, ...) is not always indexed. It looks like it is well below 50%.

There are tools (example) that can make msg attachments searchable. It only makes sense to invest time / resources into this when an incomplete search index is not acceptable for your users or affects your compliancy.



Correct, Sharepoint does not appear to index this file type (*.msg)