Office 365 Shared Calendars with one Admin

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I have a customer wanting to achieve the following:


Every employee will have access to X amount of calendars

When an employee has leave or an appointment. They would enter this appointment in their own calendar, and also send an invitation to the calendar of their branch/office. Thus allowing each employee the ability to see when any employee is available or not.


All employees would have view only access to the shared calendars

Each manager would have view only/edit access

Then an Admin would have all access


How I have it currently set up is working. But you can't set different kinds of access to users from a Mail-enabled security group. It's either all or nothing.


I have done some research into this. But all I can find into achieving this goal is through Powershell. I would prefer not using Powershell as I want the end result to be easy for the end user admin to edit users access to the shared calendars.


Has anyone got any idea in how this can be achieved through the Microsoft 365 Admin Center or Exchange? Or, do we need to go down the path in using a 3rd party application or website?



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An admin for that Calendar can access the mailbox via Outlook or Outlook on the Web and set the necessary folder-level permissions from there when using PowerShell is not an option to them.

Sorry, let me clarify more information.

I know an admin user can do all of this and share the calendars out to end users with different permissions.

What I'm trying to achieve is have shared calendars where they are not owned by a user. Reason for this, is if the calendars are associated to a user and that user leaves the company. I then have to work on moving all calendars to another user. Where if the shared calendars are apart of a mail-enabled security group (how they are right now). I can then invite users to each calendar. But the problem with this is you can only give Full Access to view the calendar. I was hoping there was a way I could still achieve this, but have the ability to give each user different permissions.

I hope I made some sense.
Did you ever get this going? I too, am wondering the same. If my eployees can add to their individual calendars, but then myself as an Admin can see all their calendars but they cannot see eachothers. I'm trying to setup a work calendar to have people schedule their time, block days off etc so I can see at a glance who is working when and who isn't etc. Thank you :)



I do have similar experience but leveraging Microsoft Teams, team and channel calendar