Exchange Hybrid SMTP High Availability

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I have been asked to setup exchange hybrid but I must have 2 Exchange Hybrid servers handling mail flow and mailbox migrations. Is it possible to deploy 2 Hybrid servers that are load balanced and have SMTP high availability - meaning if one hybrid is down, mail flow will still continue with the secondary hybrid server with a F5 switch over. Would this require four send and receive connectors on both sides? send / receive on Hybrid1 and send / receive on Hybrid2. Using the following host records and adding these into the certificate SAN 1) 2) I know that this is not ideal but unfortunately the IT manager wants it like that. Please advice. Thank you

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Hi @RN1972,


Yes is possible to have the 2 hybrid and have load balanced solution, it's the best practice. You can select in Hybrid Configuration Wizard to use the 2 SMTP from on-prem to online ant then in Office 365 create another connector, regarding the names.

Could you point me to a document that provides the steps to configure this? Thanks in advance