Editor in Microsoft 365 Word app is not working correctly

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I use the Editor in Microsoft 365 Word app. There was a new version of Edge released and now the Editor is malfunctioning. Is anyone else having this issue?

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@connie_pax When you say "malfunctioning" can you elaborate a bit? Is it working at all? Working inconsistently or incorrectly? Are you getting any error messages?


Are you using the Windows version of Word or the browser version?

@Ben Schorr It would propose corrections, and when I chose a correction, it would insert it into the original word so that the final correction would have the last letter of the word duplicated. It also is proposing capitalization of a word at the beginning of a line when it is not called for. There were maybe one or two others, but I ended up going back to the previous version of Edge and the only issue I'm still seeing is the capitalization.

I just updated back to the latest version of Edge to see if I could replicate what I was seeing. I don't see the same issues as of yet.