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I am trying to learn more about Microsoft 365 and am still very new to this.  I have the Microsoft 365 Business account. I setup my Azure Active Directory tenant with my custom domain it is verified and works.


I now want to use this same domain and use it with my online Exchange account.

Via this method


I have added the TXT amd MX record but can't add the CNAME ( I have emailed my host to ask why I can add this CNAME without getting an error).


My question is this should it be possible to have one domain's DNS records work for Microsoft 365 Business  (Azure Active Directory and for Online Exchange).

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Not sure I understand the question. The CNAME records are needed for some functionalities and will impact your experience if you are unable to configure them. Best talk with your DNS registrar support to sort this.
ok thanks I will do. I do have another questions if I may:
I currently have another domain but I am currently using it to host a a website with
Is it possible to setup my Microsoft 365 Business account DNS for Azure Active Directory / and Azure Exchange as well as ionos (so my one domain works with all ?).
Or would I need to create a subdomain with my host...and how will the DNS work for a subdomain?

Either way should be fine, you can have the root domain (or subdomain) used for web hosting at one provider, why using Exchange Online and other Office 365 services at the same time.
Thanks for your advice however I also emailed Microsoft 365 Support and they said " But, one cannot use subdomains in Microsoft 365."


Don't help yourself with your doubts, the process is not very complicated in fact, just follow a few steps, the Microsoft documentation is very complete.

My suggestion for Documentation is to have more images of the steps, there is a lot of text that can generate more doubts than solutions, but in terms of content and complete.

Not certain I comprehend the inquiry. The CNAME records are required for certain functionalities and will affect your experience in case you can't design them. Best talk with your DNS enlistment center help to sort this.