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Hi All,

I wonder if anyone could help me please or guide me in the right direction.

We are a small charity who provides free transport for Cancer clients in our area as our nearest hospital is over 60 miles away.  Once a week we produce a 'Run Sheet' in Word, convert it to a PDF and email the link of the file to all our drivers for their duties the following week.  The problem we have is the sheet is out of date the minute we send it out as clients call continually and new 'runs' are added.  We prefer PDF as our drivers (some with limited tech skills) have PDF Readers by default on their smart phones.  Whether it's word or PDF, how could we create a 'live' run sheet so that when the co-ordinators add or change the 'run sheet' within our OneDrive the drivers can see this.  I know the basic level of this is to just create a Word document and create a share link and send that but I am sure there will be a better way of doing it so that we can point 'one' link and not have to share the a different file each week. Is there something within the Microsoft Family that would do the job better?  We have a full non-profit licence. Sorry if that is confusing.  Any ideas are most welcome.



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Does the license include Power Automate? 

It does, yes. Is that something we should look at? We have never used it before.