Can I share the Office 365 family plan with myself?

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I have the Office 365 Family plan which allows me to share office with up to 5 other people. I have multiple outlook email account, one for business use, another for personal, and so on. Can I share my Office plan with my other accounts to get the 1TB of OneDrive storage for them? Is this allowed or does it violate terms?

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You can use it like this as far as I know as it doesn't even need to be family. As per our FAQ, we mention it like this "up to five other family members within your home, (unrelated) roommates, or even remote family members". There is just a maximum of 6 personal accounts you can link.

If you have additional questions, here is an additional link to this FAQ Buy Microsoft 365 Family (Formerly Office 365) - Microsoft Store

I appreciate your reply Dennis, thank you