Be Prepared for Microsoft 365 End-of-Support Milestones & Upcoming Changes!

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I have compiled a comprehensive list of Microsoft 365 upcoming changes and end-of-support updates for Office 365 admins to assist in seamlessly navigating major changes.


For example, in June there are 

  • 8 Retirements (RPS in Exchange Online, OMEV1,Azure AD and MSOnline PS modules, etc.), 
  • 6 Enhancements ('Hourly' notification for quarantine policy, Ability to move orphaned videos in Stream migration tool, etc.)
  • 1 License Plan Change.


Don't miss out! Dive in now!


I hope this list will help you ensure a smooth and seamless transition for your Office 365 organization. As a monthly reminder or whenever there is a major change, I will keep this blog up to date with the most current information.

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