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I have Microsoft 365 family running on windows 10.  Auto archive on desktop outlook seems to be a myth.  I have spent hours on the phone with Microsoft support with no resolution.  I have two issues, one of which is the design which I know there is no resolution.  The other is performance (or lack thereof) of auto archive.  The design issue is that I have multiple mail accounts on my desktop outlook.  However, I can only have one default archive setting for all the accounts and one archive PST file.  Would like to have auto archive settings at the account level with separate archive files for each account.   The performance issue is that auto archive doesn't work.  I have a default setting for all folders where any items over 24 months old are to be move to my archive PST.  What happens is that some emails are moved, others left behind.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which get moved and which don't.  The other problem is with my deleted items folder.  I set a specific archive setting for the folder which is permanently delete any items over 2 months old.  The problem is that nothing happens.  My deleted items folder continues to grow beyond the 2-month limit.   Many Microsoft agents have looked and agree all my settings are correct, but it just doesn't work.  One agent I guess just gave up.  She said she needed to hang up and call me back because of something on her end.  She hung up but there have been no call backs.  Last night I just gave up and turned auto archive off.  Manual archive seems to be better way to go although a real pain.  

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