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Hi All,


I am finding difficult to understand the storage of exchange online.

My company VIP users often have issues with mailbox reaching 100 GB limits .

this particular  user has E3 license





and archive feature is turned off



I believe if I enable archiving, based on the retention policy (right now only default policy is enabled )

mails from inbox will be moved to archive folder and user gets more storage on primary mail box. Please correct me if i am wrong.

And archival folder shows up in outlook below inbox folder ?



what was not clear to me on MS website was

1. how much maximum storage can be used as archival, if auto expand happens how many times does it auto expand? is it unlimited?

2. is it chargeable

3.When user wants to access his/her old email from archival, is it available immediately or is there a delay?


Thanks in Advance


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1) "Unlimited" s the marketing term, in reality you will get quota increments in 100GB chunks
2) If you have E3, it's already included in the price
3) The archive is available "online" only, so you need to be connected to the internet. The Outlook desktop client and OWA expose it at the bottom of the nav pane, but the Outlook mobile app does not support archive access.

Thanks @Vasil Michev ,


So everytime archive reaches 100GB limit it adds another 100GB n number of times isn't it ?


Basically my company wanted to look at any third party tool to address this, but it seems microsoft solution is better, correct me if i am wrong

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I suppose it depends on your needs. Having all the data stored in a single location is a great plus in my book, as it allows you to address any compliance/retention requirements with ease.