Python for Excel not showing in Formulas

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I've followed the following steps:

chose insider level "Beta channel" and installed insider builds, waited for it to install and then opened excel and still python for excel can not be found and typing '=PY' in the formula bar gives an error. Any idea where is that coming from ? 


P.S when I search for python in the search bar I get "insert python" option but nothing happens when I click on itCapture.PNGCapture1.PNG



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Me too!
I'm experiencing the exact same issue.
i'm trying to use this feature, on mac, and faced the same issue. (already change to beta channel), but looks like no 'excel' updates.
if would be great if the developer can give steps to solve this.

@Sherbman   Same problem here but after closing all Excel docs and restarting Excel twice I was able to go to  'formulas> inser Python' and it worked.

Same problem for me. There's no option to create a python function. I guess they are releasing the feature gradually, even if you are subscribed to insider's program.

"Don’t have it yet? It’s probably us, not you. Features are released over time to ensure things are working smoothly. We highlight features that you may not have because they’re slowly releasing to larger numbers of Insiders. Sometimes we remove elements for further improvement based on your feedback. Though this is rare, we also reserve the option to pull a feature entirely out of the product even if you, as an Insider, have had the opportunity to try it."


Exactly, new functionality is deployed in channel by waves. First one could cover 10%, could 50%, but definitely not 100% of users on the channel. We may wait for weeks or months for 100% coverage.

"Insert Python" in search bar and ability to add some icons to toolbar only says the code with python functionality is inside the build. But not activated. 

Same here


I have the same problem as you, so I can add Python in Exel from Customize Ribbon but it has got one circle like the picture.Picture1.png

@Anh_Nguyen_2006 again, nothing of that works. That's only to wait for the functionality activation on Microsoft server.

@Sherbman I was able to customize ribbon and get it to show up, but nothing happens when I click it or try to type =PY





Me too. Have done what @davedavedavedave has done but when typing =PY in spreadsheet will not work. One question, why does microsoft always roll out great things that dont work properly.

@Sherbman me too!  Come on MS we're chomping at the bit for this feature!  Show me the python!!

Same here; I can't find the Python function in the ribbon. Weirdly enough, the latest build release notes don't mention Python for Excel, either. I don't understand why all the announcements say Python would be available in Build 16818.




Your excel needs to be updated to the latest version 2309 (build 16818.20000) as well.





@Serene The version you quote is the first & only release of native Python in Excel & the latest as of the initiation of this thread.


I also have this issue, it is a bug in the install process which appears Microsoft are aware so hopefully an update asap. 

Same issue here but using Excel for Mac. Joined Beta Channel following the steps at the official link, updated excel but it only updates till version 16.77 (23082302), whereas I see in the rollout page that they already released version 2309.


It's for Windows only


@ckespanol My understanding is their policy is not to release 100% in that build number. They'll release say 30% on the current build; despite advertising as it being in that release version. Shocked as the entire reason I just subscribed was for this Python version. Would have stuck with Office 21.