One Group Two SharePoint Sites???

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I have created an O365 Group AKA Team Site called Marketing Team. The email address is I have checked Exchange and it is the only group with that address/name.


However, it has created TWO SharePoint sites. The one that links off the Group is /sites/SomeTeam2. I was confused at the 2 as I knew there was only one group with that name. So I removed the 2 and sure enough there is a /sites/someteam 


To further test I added the conversations, planner, and calendar links in the left nav and they all lead to the same conversation, planner and calendar. Notebook, of course, goes to two different notebooks on each of the sites. 


I have even run the external sharing PowerShell and both completed successfully thus proving again, to me at least, the sites are real.

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Could it be that you already created the site/group ones before? that it is still in the garbagebin?

A group can have only a SPO Site so it seems you created twice the Group
They both say "private" group on the site and the links to other O365 Group features all go to the same features (same plan, etc)
When a O365 Group is deleted does it delete the site?

Hi Eric, can you check a couple of things for me?  I am running with the assumption that you have two sites that seemingly are stamped with the same group's ID:

1) Can you visit each site and verify that each has the same group ID on it?  To do so, go to the home page of each site, view the source for the page, and search for 'groupId'.  You should find a groupId that looks like an alphanumeric string with hyphens in it like this: "ebf35631-7cf5-44d3-835a-22d26d6d705c"


2) Navigate to the group's mailbox from the first site.  From there, click on the 'Site' navigation from the header (it can be found under the ellipses ...).  Take note of which site you get sent to.  

3) Repeat #2 from the other site --> navigate to the group mailbox and then from the mailbox navigate to its Site.  Does it take you to the very same site as in #2?




1. They do have the same groupID
2. In the Mailbox I get to site2 when I click on site
3. All other groups resources Conversations, Calendar, and Planner go to the same place from both sites. I have added them using the add link and used the drop down to choose Planner, Conversations, Calendar. The only one that is NOT shared is Notebook due to the fact there are two sites.

Hi did you ever find a resolution to this?

I just deleted the group and started over. Luckily it wasn't in use yet. It has happened twice more since then. I now check for it before releasing to business.

Hi Eric - would you mind opening a support ticket the next time this occurs?  There appear to be some (very) small proportion of groups that end up with multiple sites and we are actively investigating the cause for it.  If you encounter again, please reach out.

@Tejas Mehta Did you figure this out?