Dynamic Membership Added Users Receive "Access Denied" accessing SharePoint Site


Greetings everyone. Before I created this post, I did browse the internet and these forums for a possible solution. Of the items I found, they all stated permissions eventually propagated to the affected users. Here's the situation.


I created several 365 groups for departments. I used dynamic membership to add users based on their department attribute. This was done back at the end of September. I'm receiving reports of users unable to access their department site. When I check either Azure AD, 365 Admin Center, or the 365 site, members show. Upon checking permissions on their SharePoint site, however; I find all users except Owners can access the site. Everyone else has None for permission level.


We have done this setup for other departments, but this is the first one we've ever seen do this. All members exist in the group as I can use it for other permissions elsewhere in our tenancy. Has anyone seen something like this before? I'm wondering if turning the group back to Assigned from Dynamic, waiting an hour for all members to be removed, then setting it back to Dynamic with the rule. It seems strange that the permissions have not propagated after all this time.

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