Groups not visible in Outlook 2016 (professional version)

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What can we do to fix or troubleshoot the following isssue:


In Outlook Online we can see our office 2016 groups, but in Outlook 2016 we see no groups listed below the header "Groups".


Outlook 2016 professional is installed (not ProPlus).


Cached mode is on and recreating the profile didn't solved it.



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You say no groups are listed but is there a 'Browse Groups' option from the toolbar or by right clicking on the Groups header in Outlook 2016? Is it empty or not showing up?

Thank you for repyling!


In the Office 2016 ProPlus version I know there is a "Groups" section in the home tab (Christophe) and also the Browse functionality in the tree (Cian). But in Professional version, I can't find either of them. In the left side tree, there is a heading "Groups", when expanding it only says (translated from Dutch): You are not subscribed to any groups.





Just had the same issue. And some groups were missing to be displayed as well.

Do you have the x64 version installed? It was my case and had to uninstall/reinstall 32 bits version, which is working fine (group tab in the ribbon & all groups correctly displayed).

@bart vermeersch did you find any solution for this issue?

We've upgraded most of our PC's. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it was related to the older version of Office 2016 Professional.

Hi Bart,


I'm having this same issue. Do you know what version of office you upgraded to?
I'm using the 32 bit version and having the exact same issue with Outlook 2016 Professional.


I've attached a snapshot of the tab where the group should appear. 


Hopefully you can help me out.



Same here.

I'm running:

  • Microsoft Outlook Professional Plus 2016
  • MSO (16.0.4549.1000) 32-bit


On the OS:

  • windows 10 enterprise
  • version 1607
  • build 14393.2189

I have created an Office 365 group using outlook online, but cannot see it in the desktop application:


I am logged into my office 365 institutional account within Outlook desktop.


I hope this information helps.


Hi Harley


Unfortunately If you are running Outlook 2016 Professional Plus MSO (16.0.4549.1000) either 32 bit or 64 bit. Groups will not show in Outlook 2016.


It is better to switch to Outlook 2016 Pro Plus. A lot of users faced the same issue in our organization and finally we made a switch to Outlook 2016 Pro Plus to fix the issue.




Robin Nishad


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Hi Robin,


Can you further explain?


Unfortunately, If you are running Outlook 2016 Professional Plus MSO (16.0.4549.1000) either 32 bit or 64 bit. Groups will not show in Outlook 2016.


It is better to switch to Outlook 2016 Pro Plus. 




I have seen this issue in our organisation and around 10 users were unable to see O365 groups... better part is that other users were able to see the O365 groups.. so what I noticed is that the affected users were using Outlook 2016 Professional Plus MSO (16.0.4549.1000).

Once we switched to Outlook 2016 Pro plus the issue was resolved. No changes were made anywhere else...



@Robin Nishad I had similar issue. I was trying to install on a clean windows pc, O365 Pro Plus Retail (Microsoft Outlook for Microsoft 365 MSO (16.0.12827.20238)) offered by and there was nothing related to Office Groups (there was no ribbon "Groups" group or any other options). I tried both x32 and x64 with no results.

I ended up downloading and installing Office 2016 Professional Plus (ProPlusRetail.img) which fixed the Groups issue and (without entering any license) it automatically updated to Microsoft Outlook 2016 MSO (16.0.9029.2106) and then to Microsoft Outlook for Microsoft 365 MSO (16.0.12827.20200) keeping the Groups functionality and activating using my o365 license...

I also tried uninstalling and installing again using the initial installer from and behold, the Groups options were still there (of course I didn't cleanup any registry or AppData configurations between the various installations).


Hope it helps anyone out there going crazy over the missing groups, although it's definitely not a clean solution..

@cbotsikas works! Thank you very much for your efforts. We had the same issue with a new PC, groups not displayed in Outlook (Office Enterprise).

Which toolbar?

Other than your post, the only references to "header" in Outlook 2016 are references to the headers in emails. Email headers does not seem relevant to the question.