Widespread Word for the Mac issues as of 8-17-2020

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I am in MN and a colleague in my org is in AZ. We both are running OSX 10.15.6, and as of this morning, we both cannot use Word. My best guess is something has broken with the last OS or Office update this past week. The other consideration is that our tenant/subscription may have an outage for certain 365 services that may be impacting some behavior, or preventing a needed patch.


Anyone else experiencing this today?


Teams, Outlook, Excel are working - other than the annoying Teams meeting crash issue that has lasted for several months for some users!

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UPDATE: Word crashes if new document is created or an existing file opened. App shell does not crash when opened without accessing a document.
I'm having the same problem. Infuriating.

Sâme issue in OH @EntArc19 

Same problem here on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) with Word 16.41 (20081701) Product-id: 02954-000-280880 @EntArc19 

Update seems to have fixed the problem. @MrPie 

Last update (20082600) fixed the problem.