MS Word Mac - version 16.41 (20081900)

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Word still crashes after today's update (when opening an existing document or creating a new one) ...


Mac OS 10.15.6

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macOS 11.0 public beta 20A5343j

@gutzi1615 Updated to this version of Word this morning and can no longer use it. The program crashes seconds after I open it. 

Same thing for me.  Installed the office suite multiple times and performed all updates then BAM, Word crashes.  Decided to turn off "Automatically keep Microsoft Apps up to date" and it's been stable ever since.



Mine is doing the same. Anybody fixed their MS WORD yet?

Same experience here.  I hope they get it fixed soon.

Check this thread. Removing linkCreation.dotm (Adobe Acrobat template plugin) worked for me.

@stromseth , that worked for me as well. Thank you for sharing.