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Is there a way to show, when a user have received a license in the Admin Center?

In my case, we adding the user in a AD group and with process in the background the user will be adding automatically to the Office 365 AD group. But currently I don´t now, which user have received the last available licenses.

I have used powershell, but I could only see which license the user have, not when the license have assigned.

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I would look into audit logs in Security and Compliance, or Azure AD. Also, in the adoption pack of Office 365 for Power BI. in Office 365 Admin portal -> Reports -> usage

You can check the assignment date via the Azure AD PowerShell module:


[23:03:55][Login script]# (Get-AzureADUser -SearchString HuKu).AssignedPlans

AssignedTimestamp   CapabilityStatus Service                       ServicePlanId
-----------------   ---------------- -------                       -------------
06/01/2018 07:44:03 Enabled          MicrosoftCommunicationsOnline 5a10155d-f5c1-411a-a8ec-e99aae125390
06/01/2018 07:44:03 Enabled          PowerBI                       70d33638-9c74-4d01-bfd3-562de28bd4ba

Thanks, it works !

I exported to CSV 

Hi Vasil,


Is there any script that I can use for running this command for all the users in my tenant?




Hi Vasil,

What happen if we want to know the assignment date of a license without service plans?

(Like for example Advanced Threat protection)

For that you will have to check the Azure AD Audit logs.


But in Azure Logs I can only see the last 30 days.

I want to know when an ATP license was assigned to an user.

@Vasil Michev 
Hi there!

I hope "reopening" this topic is okay! The provided solution is exactly what I'm looking for, however, it does not work for me. The "AssignedPlans" parameter is not available. If I try to apply it to a user object, it returns just an empty line. Example:

PS C:\Users> (Get-AzADUser -UserPrincipalName

PS C:\Users>


If I run the following command, I get all assigned licenses for the same user, so the command above should return at least something. The .Licenses parameter is useful, but it does not solve my problem regarding the timestamp of the assignment. 

PS C:\Users> (Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName
ExtensionData: ...
AccountSku: ...
AccountSkuId: ...
GroupsAssigningLicense: ...
ServiceStatus: ...


Is the ".AssignedPlans" parameter possibly superseded or are my Azure AD rights not sufficient for displaying the data?


Is there another way to get the timestamp of license assignments except for checking the audit logs (since some assignments are older than 30 days).

Some additional PowerShell information:

Version: 5.1.18362.752
Script     1.8.1      Az.Accounts                                                                                                                        
Script     2.1.0      Az.Resources                                                                                                      
Script    ISE                                                                                                                                            
Manifest    Microsoft.PowerShell.Management                                                                                                          
Manifest    Microsoft.PowerShell.Security                                                                                                    
Manifest    Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility                                                                                                                                                     
Manifest    Microsoft.WSMan.Management                                                                                                                         
Manifest MSOnline 


Many thanks in advance!

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@Vasil Michev 

his looks like exactly what i want but I am not understanding how to use your command. If I just type this into PS it does not error - but nothing returns

(Get-AzureADUser -SearchString HuKu).AssignedPlans


I figured it out: My problem was that I used the "Get-AzADUser" cmdlet instead of the "Get-AzureADUser" cmdlet, which has been described by Vasil. I did not know that those two are different until now.


Thanks anyway and best regards!

you can also do it via graph api to get a list of what kind of lic has been assigned and when.





(Get-AzureADUser -SearchString emailuser).AssignedPlans

Can you please send over the license assignments for the last 30 days for these products?


Microsoft 365 F3 and Microsoft 365 F5 Security + Compliance Add-on license.

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