Device Consent to Terms of Use

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Can anyone confirm whether in order for users to consent to the terms of use on any device, those devices will need to be registered in Intune as per this document?

Below is mentioned in the document:


"Per-device terms of use
The Require users to consent on every device setting enables you to require end users to accept your terms of use policy on every device they're accessing from. The end user will be required to register their device in Azure AD. When the device is registered, the device ID is used to enforce the terms of use policy on each device.

Supported platforms and software.

iOS Android Windows 10 Other
Native app Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Edge Yes Yes Yes
Internet Explorer Yes Yes Yes
Chrome (with extension) Yes Yes Yes
Per-device terms of use has the following constraints:

A device can only be joined to one tenant.
A user must have permissions to join their device.
The Intune Enrollment app isn't supported. Ensure that it's excluded from any Conditional Access policy requiring Terms of Use policy.
Azure AD B2B users aren't supported.
If the user's device isn't joined, they'll receive a message that they need to join their device. Their experience will be dependent on the platform and software."

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