My Admin Centre won't let me log out

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I have an O365 business account. I was happily logged in to my admin centre portal until I helped a friend out to show them how to manage aliases and domains by logging in to their admin centre portal.


I can log in to my O365 account as normal but since I logged in to my friends admin account I am not able to log out, despite doing the usual - click top right hand corner and select 'Log Out' - it says it has logged out but every time I select Admin in my O365 space it goes back to my friends Admin centre portal.


How can I stop this from happening and log in to my Admin Centre Portal?

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Check your personal account on Windows and check if in Access work/school tab your's friend account might have been linked/connected. I had similar issue with trying to login into my azure devops account, it was automatically connecting through my second account even in InPrivate/Incognito session.

@orchee thanks for your reply. I think I am going mad. I can't find what you describe. Can you send a screen grab?

@TESIT sure thing :)


@orchee you're getting to get fed up of me. sorry about this but I can't find the page you sent me on your previous message. Would you mind giving me a step by step how you got there please.

@orchee I've just logged in on my phone and admin is linked correctly. what am I missing when using my Mac?

@TESIT Not a problem. You open Windows Settings and click account

Screenshot 2020-03-02 at 22.01.22.png

and then you click on Access Work School Account on the left menu as I've mentioned in the previous post.

@TESIT Ok, which browser are you using on Mac?

@orchee I'm using Safarion my Mac. I have just logged in on my works laptop (windows) and it's worked fine... def only pointing at Mac being the problem (and me HAHA)

@TESITyou can try to go to your Safari settings and check if the credentials have been saved for your friend's account.


And use this link to force sign out: