List of users in Custom Admin roles

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In the Portal under Users Management there are filters to see some Admin roles, such as Global Admin and User Management Admin roles.  Other Custom Admin roles such as SPO and EO Admins are not there.  How do you quickly get a list of Admins assigned to all the standard Custom Admin roles?  I'm not a PowerShell person so looking for some non-technical way.


I did just vote up the idea to add filters for all custom admin roles and encourage others to do so too.






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Well I can give you the PowerShell way, cannot recall them being available in any UI.

@Vasil Michev Not a powershell fan, but I strongly believe that you're correct there's no UI for it.



You can create 'Custom Filters' & in the 'Job Title' you can specify 'Exchange Admin or 'Sharepoint Admin'.

Then you need to edit the Users (Exchange Admin or 'Sharepoint Admin) & specify the job titles as per the title mentioned in custom filters.

Give this a shot - easy 2 step process.


PS H:\> Connect-MsolService


PS H:\> Get-MsOlRole | Format-Table ObjectId, Name


ObjectId                                                                                Name                                                                                           

--------                                                                                ----                                                                                           

17315797-102d-40b4-93e0-432062caca18                                                    Compliance Administrator                                                                       

29232cdf-9323-42fd-ade2-1d097af3e4de                                                    Exchange Service Administrator                                                                 

2b499bcd-da44-4968-8aec-78e1674fa64d                                                    Device Managers                                                                                

4ba39ca4-527c-499a-b93d-d9b492c50246                                                    Partner Tier1 Support                                                                          

62e90394-69f5-4237-9190-012177145e10                                                    Company Administrator                                                                          

729827e3-9c14-49f7-bb1b-9608f156bbb8                                                    Helpdesk Administrator                                                                         

75941009-915a-4869-abe7-691bff18279e                                                    Lync Service Administrator                                                                     

88d8e3e3-8f55-4a1e-953a-9b9898b8876b                                                    Directory Readers                                                                              

9360feb5-f418-4baa-8175-e2a00bac4301                                                    Directory Writers                                                                              

9c094953-4995-41c8-84c8-3ebb9b32c93f                                                    Device Join                                                                                    

9f06204d-73c1-4d4c-880a-6edb90606fd8                                                    Device Administrators                                                                          

b0f54661-2d74-4c50-afa3-1ec803f12efe                                                    Billing Administrator                                                                          

c34f683f-4d5a-4403-affd-6615e00e3a7f                                                    Workplace Device Join                                                                          

d29b2b05-8046-44ba-8758-1e26182fcf32                                                    Directory Synchronization Accounts                                                             

d405c6df-0af8-4e3b-95e4-4d06e542189e                                                    Device Users                                                                                   

e00e864a-17c5-4a4b-9c06-f5b95a8d5bd8                                                    Partner Tier2 Support                                                                          

f023fd81-a637-4b56-95fd-791ac0226033                                                    Service Support Administrator                                                                  

f28a1f50-f6e7-4571-818b-6a12f2af6b6c                                                    SharePoint Service Administrator                                                               

fe930be7-5e62-47db-91af-98c3a49a38b1                                                    User Account Administrator  





PS H:\> Get-MsOlRoleMember –RoleObjectId f28a1f50-f6e7-4571-818b-6a12f2af6b6c | Format-Table RoleMemberType, EmailAddress, DisplayName –AutoSize