Email forwarding redirects

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Our company use 365. We also have a 3rd party app called Salesforce.
Users are in groups and use send-as from the groups. A while ago the last admin set some of the groups to forward mail to smtp email mailboxes on the 3rd party app(Salesforce CRM). The mailboxes have now been removed from Salesforce, so the forwarders are being removed in 365 to avoid bounce backs when sending mail to a 365 group.

I have removed one or 2 forwarders from the 365 groups. But when users email one 365 group. Mail is still being forwarded to an smtp address relating to salesforce.
This group has no forwarders configured and i have run a powershell script to check all mailboxes in exchange to see if any of them are forwarding to the particular smtp address users are getting bounce backs on. None of them are.

How can mail be getting forwarded to this salesforce smtp from this shared mailbox.

Are there other places to check? Which logs should i check? Is 365 exchange caching old records? Are there other ways to forward I havent checked?
Is there other PS scripts I could run exept for checking for forwarders?

Any help appreciated!

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Run a message trace, it will tell you why the message is being sent to salesforce.