Setting up Selling Partner: ISV: Challenges and Tips

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While helping a channel partner to set up as a seller in Microsoft Partner’s ecosystem for Multi Private Party Offer, I came across some practical challenges which I am sharing here along with tips those may help:

  1. Help the partner select the right Partner Type – Partner, SI, MSP etc. for enrolling in the AI Cloud Partner Program.
  2. For a new partner to successfully enroll in Microsoft AI Cloud Partner program, it is mandatory to set up the authentication method using Authenticator tab. The enrollment didn’t succeed until the partner followed all the exact instructions provided on the browser on the Mobile Phone, including scanning the QR Code step. Without this step, the enrollment kept on failing although Authenticator recognized the user as a valid account on the Mobile Phone
  3. After enrolling in Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program and Microsoft Commercial Marketplace program, it is necessary to complete Microsoft Validation of the partner. Microsoft sends emails to verify you as the right partner by sending email ID from Microsoft Vetting Services Email ID. You may receive multiple emails for Verification, ensure that complete verification by following steps from all those emails.
  4. Only after the verification was complete by following 3 emails that the partner received, Tax Profile and Payout Profile Assignment was enabled for us to complete on the Accounts Settings. The external Tax Completion Form did not display correctly on Chrome. After spending 5 attempts, we could successfully submit the Tax Profile form on Microsoft Edge. The partner set up the Payment profile after the Tax Profile was completed.
  5. It was necessary to select $ as a currency to associate Payment Profile to the Tax profile to complete this step. Note that Multi party Offer is currently available only to partners in the USA.
  6. The last step for my partner to gain visibility on the commercial marketplace as a Partner Directory was  Creating a Marketing Profile

Hope these practical steps help , would love to know your experience about setting up Multi-Party private offers.

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Thank you for sharing these lessons learned and tips for others, Manisha!