ISV Developers: Fine tuning is now available with Azure OpenAI Service


Fine tuning is now available for GPT-3.5-Turbo, Babbage-002, and Davinci-002! With this update. developers can customize OpenAI models with their own data and easily deploy their new custom models, all within a managed service. In 2023 we have seen developers bring the power of generative AI to their applications; in this new chapter, developers can customize models using their data, to solve their problems.


Read the new blog on to learn more about:


  • What’s new with Azure OpenAI Service  including new models and capabilities.
  • Why developers are fine tuning their models, and some tips and tricks for success along the way.
  • How developers can get started today with Azure OpenAI Service or Azure Machine Learning
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For those interested GPT4 finetuning will come at a later stage