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I upgraded my iPhone and the accounts on Authenticator did not show back up in the app. The data was not backed up. As such the Authenticator is requiring the Authenticator to Authenticate and I do not have the accounts set up to do so. As such I can not get into my Admin. to fix the problem or use any of the Office 365 products. 


How do I access my Admin. account with out using Authenticator? Help!


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Bill Moersch

President, CommUNITY Service Team

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Hey @CSTeamUSA


As you mentioned you're having trouble accessing your Office 365 admin account, I'm moving your question to the Microsoft 365 community. 


And since you're unable to sign into your account to contact Microsoft 365 Support directly, you may want to try also posting your question in the Microsoft Answers Community.





Please raise Microsoft support if you are the only Admin under your tenant and MFA is enforced