Authenticator app not working on new phone - old phone with app is gone

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Hello Tech Community,


I have trouble with my email (hotmail) account.

About 12 months ago I downloaded and activated the authenticator app after having hackers trying to enter my hotmail account. A few months ago I changed my phone and I have never been asked for second factor authentication until today (so I did not pay much attention to it as I could see it. The phone number attached is old and have no access to it and that device is long gone too).


I have the app on my new phone but it is not linked to my account (and cannot do a Cloud Recovery). If I try to do anything with my account (forward emails or change anything) it asks me for the authenticator approval/code (that I do not have access to). 

I am scared about doing something that will log me out of my email (which I still have access to) but cannot make any changes nor log out.


Please help. 

Can I deactivate the authenticator app somehow? or re-set it-up to work again?

Can I migrate all my emails to a new account so I do not lose years of information if I get logged out?

Can I set the forwarding emails option without having to pass by second facto authentication?


Looking forward to hearing from you wise community,

Thank you

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You may need to contact Microsoft support in case you did force MFA for your account

Thank you.
I contacted them and they send me here. Also, they keep sending me to different contact support teams but very difficult to have them in a live chat.
They say there is nothing to do. But I cannot believe that.

I met the same problem. I need the Authenticator app to log in to my M365 Developer Program admin account. But the app doesn't work after I changed my phone. I've contacted Microsoft support and they said they needed business license of the enterprise tenant to release my account. But since this is developer program, I don't have a business license. Don't know what to do next...

@Xinyu_Gu no answer from my side but I will let you know if I find a solution and please let me know if you find a solution too