I enrolled myself in Per User MFA, need SMS method

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I am the Azure AD/Office 365 admin.

I thought my authenticator app on my phone was working with my work account. It wasn't.


I enrolled myself in Per-User MFA.


It doesn't let me use any other method for authentication than the App... which itself isn't enrolled, and wants to use the app itself for its own authentication. (A loop)


I went through the steps to enable SMS authentication for my user account.  


But I need to be authenticated to go to a Per-User profile to enter my phone number to allow the SMS thing to work.


1 - How to undo the enrollment.... 

2 - or... how can I configure my account with the phone number it needs to enable the SMS method to authenticate?


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Ok. So I figured out how to supply my SMS Phone Number.
I had to log into the Azure Portal as a different admin account than mine.
Go to Users | Authentication Methods.... and that screen allowed me to type in the phone number there.

When I was logged on as myself, it didn't even show me the text fields to update.

Once I had plugged in my phone number, the ability to authenticate via Text Message Code became available... allowing to me to get my Authenticator App to work again, and the MFA to become usable.