Using Plus Email Addresses with Exchange Online


Plus addresses have been supported by email systems like and Gmail for a couple of years. Exchange Online has joined the party, and you can use plus addresses in two ways. Either have administrators control and assign addresses to receipients or allow people to create their own plus addresses based on their "official" corporate email address. Here's how the two approaches work.

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I enabled the plus addresses on our 365 tenant but:
- writing from gmail to a plus address works fine
- writing to the same plus address from another 365 tenant doesn't work. The message never arrives and the sender doesn't even receive any NDR message.

Can anyone test if this happens only to our tenant?

Thank you,

@Roberto Franco  The feature works. I've used it against 5-6 tenants in multiple datacenter regions. Is the tenant on targeted release or standard release (I think the roll-out is complete everywhere, but it's always good to check).