Route internal email between 2 user in same org

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hi all,

we have a Exchange enviroment with 3 Exchange Server nodes (accepted domain:  we configure a send connector with smarthost is a SMTP Cloud Service.

1. All external email is routed via the SMTP Cloud Service, it is seem correct configuration.

2. but when i send an email test from to, the email is not routed via SMTP Gateway, it is routed via internal component in Exchange system.

=> How to force route all email to SMTP gateway?

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Hi @heroes1412 ,


How many send connectors do you have in your environment?

Ans: Keep only one Send Connector and should be pointed to Email Gateway and do the test.


Does your Accepted domain assign to Internal Relay or Authoritative?

Ans: Change Internal Relay to Authoritative and do the test.





i used only 1 Send connector.

My domain is Authoritative domain (only 1 domain on my system)


Mail in same domain is not routed to Mail Gateway as well.