Get-mailboxstatistics default values

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Anyone wonder why the StorageLimitStatus property is blank when you run a Get-mailboxstatistics cmdlet?  According to this article it's blank by design.  OK, I get why it is left blank, but here's my issue with it - if it is intentionally left blank, why is it output as one of the default values?


The majority of the time I run the get-mailboxfolderstatistics cmdlet is to check the mailbox size.  This piece of information is far and away more helpful the the total item count or the blank StorageLimitStatus fields.  Yes, I know I can pipe to a select statement to retrieve the totalitemsize value, but that's a lot of extra (and in my opinion unnecessary) typing.  To the Microsoft PowerShell architects, if you can't give us a method to alter which attribute values are returned by default, can you at least modify the get-mailboxstatistics cmdlet to return useful information by default?

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