Removing hybrid configuration for 1 of 2 tenants

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We have hybrid configuration set up with multiple tenants.  On premise Exchange is Exchange 2016 CU23.  Multi tenant hybrid was enabled due to the divestiture of one of our divisions.  This separation has now completed and all mailboxes have been migrated to their tenant.  All mail routing and DNS records have been moved to Exchange Online/EOP.  We would like to remove the hybrid configuration with this one tenant while leaving it intact with our original tenant.  There doesn't seem to be any documentation around this specific situation.  From the existing documentation that I can piece together it seems like (at a high level) I need to:

1. Disable the HCW-created inbound/outbound connectors

2. Remove the Org sharing configuration object

3. Remove the hybrid configuration object for the separated company's tenant

4. Remove the Intra Organization connector for the separated company's tenant

5. Remove the accepted domains for the separated company (including the routing address domain)


Anything else I'm missing?  Can any of these steps be performed with the HCW?  For the Exchan

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Hi @PS_Exchange_Adm 

1-you will need also to update autodiscover record to point to exchange online and set it to null in the on-prem environment.

2-use Remove-hypridconfiguration command to remove it from Active directory.

3- you will need to decide if you will keep directory synchronization or not.



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Thanks @Deleted.  the autodiscover record has already been pointed to their Office 365 tenant and they will continue to use directory synchronization with their own on premise AD forest.  Sorry, I should have mentioned that in my original post.  But I appreciate the additional insights.  Looks like I wasn't too far off on my original plan.  I'll post back here after I complete the separation and provide feedback in the event any additional items are uncovered or issues arise after I'm done.