Receiving large attachment settings

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I need a way to receive large attachments that exceed file size limits.


When I send a large attachment I can always upload the file to OneDrive or another file sharing service and send the link. However, if a client attempts to send me a file exceeding the size limit of my server, the email just gets bounced with an error message. I've searched the settings menus in both Outlook and Exchange and can't find a setting to allow me to have incoming attachments saved to the associated OneDrive account so that I can receive the emails. Any attempt to google this issue just leads to thousands of pages telling me how to send large files, which doesn't help my clients. If their email server allows them to send such large files, I should be able to receive them without having to instruct the clients on uploading the files to a file sharing service they may or may not have. At a minimum I'd expect to have the message go through, and an automatic reply explaining "the file is too large to send directly, please click this link to upload directly to our server".


Does anyone know how to set up this up?

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