"Another User" feature in Classic Exchange Online Admin Centre

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Hello all,


Following the new adoption of the New Exchange Online Admin Centre, I was unable to locate the "Another User" feature. I understand from Microsoft support teams that this is not feature and to continue utilising the Classic Exchange Online Admin Centre for this feature.


Recently I notice the "Me" tile that leads to the "Another User" feature is now missing in the Classic EAC. From speaking this Microsoft support, they have advised this feature has been removed for all tenants.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue and is this causing much business impact to you?


Attached is screenshot of where the "Me" tile should be. After you click the tile, should be a blue link for "Another User" along with link to MS doc with feature description:


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The new EAC is a work in progress, many features that we've accustomed to in the "old" one are still missing, some might not even make it. You can still use "direct links" to facilitate the "another user" functionality, and you can also leave feedback on the new portal using the Feedback form. 

@Vasil Michev 

Hi Vasil, thanks for your reply.

When you mention "can still use "direct links" to facilitate the "another user" functionality", what is the direct link please?

I usually access the "Another user" feature via the "Me" tile, which is no longer visible in the Classic EAC.

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Direct link would be something like this: for the "old style" settings menu or for the newer one.

@Vasil Michev 

This works perfectly! Thanks for the support.