TLS 1.3 support on Exchange Server 2019(WIN2k22)

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Hi Team,


We are  working on TLS 1.3 enablement on exchange server 2019 CU13(using windows server 2022).I came across the blog ( ) which clearly states that TLS1.3 is not supported in Exchange 2019 yet (using win2k22). And Microsoft clearly states TLS 1.3 support will be added in the year 2023 for Exchange 2019.


We would like to know what are the timelines for this support and the cumulative patch where the TLS support is made available.


Thank You

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Hi @Deepaksingh22018 

At this time TLS 1.3 is not supported by Exchange 2019 and has been known to cause issues if enabled. No specific date has been announced from Microsoft except it will be in 2023. 



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Waiting from Microsoft announcement when TLS 1.3 support on Exchange Server 2019.