Outlook meeting problem when made by delegate

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Hi Exchange Team,


We recently have 2 similar issues reported from Personal Assistant when they created a meeting request from their manager calendar.

Let me explain. The assistant has the delegation on the Manager's calendar. She created an appointment from her Outlook on the manager calendar and invited bunch of people. The invitation is sent, we can see that is sent "On Behalf Of" and attendees received the invitation. However this meeting is not in the manager calendar. We can see it in the "sent items" of the Assistant, it is in attendees calendars but not in the manager one which is a problem now because she needs to update it but cannot find it. 

By searching the item in the manager mailbox, we can find an item but with message class IPM.Note and note IPM.Appointment. 

I tried to make a Point in Time recovery of the manager's mailbox at the time the meeting has been created, but I find exactly the same as in the current mailbox. 

I ran Get-CalendarDiagnosticLog and Get-CalendarDiagnosticAnalysis but I don't find any obvious problem that could explain this behavior.

Did someone have a similar problem? 


My installation:

Exchange 2016 CU 22 Security Update Nov 2022

DAG with 4 nodes

Hybrid mode with Exchange on-prem and Teams

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