Outlook Find Related Messages default to all mailboxes

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Outlook "Find Related Mail" feature searches/displays emails sent to me or located in delegated mailboxes I have access to. Those in delegated mailbox not sent to my attention still appear as a "related message" to one I sent. Why is this happening?

Find Related message auto switches to search all mailboxes, resulting in messages with the same subject line not sent directly or cc’d to me being accessed from delegated mailboxes. This is the scenario in Microsoft Outlook version 2304 (Microsoft Exchange)

  1. when a search is performed in my email box through the search bar for an email with a particular subject
  2. the email the search responds contains a popup that states “you’re not replying to the latest message”
  3. and an additional (clickable) “find related message” appears
  4. when choosing this “find related message” it resulted in pulling messages from a delegated mailbox
  5. the related message has the same subject; however, the message was not sent to me. 
  6. Upon further investigation, the “find a related message” search defaults to “auto switch to all mailboxes” resulting in pulling email from "all mailboxes" including delegated email boxes.

Please answer both of these questions:

Why is this happening?

What is the corrective measure?

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