Non-conventional org chart

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I'm sorting out the org chart for my company (from the Exchange admin centre). It's working well for almost everyone and showing up properly in Teams, but we have a slight quirk that I'm trying to find a solution for.
We have two directors. One is in charge of management and therefore heads the whole org chart. The other doesn't manage anyone (and has no manager), but I'd ideally need for them to sit at the top of the chart as well. Is there anyway to achieve that?
(I've tried the dotted-line option through SharePoint admin centre, but it hasn't worked).


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The Manager attribute is single-valued (in Active Directory) and can only refer to a User or Contact Object. Perhaps creating a contact - representing the directors - and pointing Manager attribute to it works for your situation?  Also makes sense as in your situation the directors are a logical entity, not a person.