Updating the Hybrid on premises username and password


Community - I have having an issue with setting up migration batches in Office 365. I think i have it isolated down to the hybrid configuration. When i run the command to get the hybrid configuration information i noticed the username that is in the results is an old account. This account has had a password change in the recent time frame. We cannot change back the password. I want to change this user account to permanent service account. Is this done with the command update-hybridconfiguration?


Someone has made a few custom changes to mail routing after the hybrid was setup so rerunning the wizard will break something and given that we are coming off Exchange on-premises soon. Breaking is something i dont want to fix. I just want to change the on premises username.

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Hi @Tom Gould,


The update command is the same that you run Hybrid Configuration Wizard, it will refresh the configuration.


To be supported always keep Hybrid configuration updated. If you have changed some mail-routing configuration, please take a note and then run HCW or update command to change the username and then compare if it has changed the mail flow.

So - Let me get this straight. Running update-hybridconfiguration will do the same thing as running the Hybrid Configuration.


It will not just update the username and password on the hybrid configuration.

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Hi @Tom Gould,


It will rerun an validate/recreate the configurations that you have.


In background of Hybrid Configuration Wizard it will do the update also.