New mobile iOS device not quarantined

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Hi Guys,


Need some advise or assistance. Looked online and I could not find any info in relation to this exact issue. We have a user who had her old phone quarantined in O365. It was unblocked and access was granted to her mobile device. 1 week later on the client has changed her mobile device and she managed to get her email setup on Outlook. Her new device was not quarantined. 


Can anyone assist? I had thought all new devices are quarantined and its device level not user account level.




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The default setting is to allow all devices, you must change it to quarantine if you don't want automatic approval.



Quarantine has been enabled for the tenant. The user's old device was quarantined and then released, so when they had a new device they expected the same behaviour - however the new device never got quarantined and the user was able to login to Outlook client to access emails.

Perhaps there's a device access rule in place? Hard to tell without being able to see your setup. In any case, you can easily test it with a spare device.



I believe this is possible there might be a device rule. How can i check that if you do not mind me asking?


Another client with the same setup on their O365 estate had the same issue. The client device was initially quarantined upon changing his mobile device to a new Android device he was able to setup his O365 account with no restrictions on the new device.


Thanks in advance

Are all these cases using the Outlook app? 


To check for Device Access Rules, follow the steps here:

Hi aenabs
I got the exactly same issue. Cannot see all new devices on the quarantined list on Exchange. Have you got it solved?