EAS Devices in quarantine - Modern Auth

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Hi guys, first time poster here.


After disabling Basic auth and switching to Modern Auth for our Exchange Servers our mobile devices with Outlook for Android/iOS app are constantly quarantined and we're flooded with mails of new devices although the phone has already been released from quarantine. 


When I look at the two devices my account has the device ID changed, is this a bug when I update the Outlook app?


We're on Exchange 15.1 (2507.6) in a hybrid environment. Any help is appreciated!

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@DomFisch that behavior is expected Because device IDs are not governed by any physical device ID, they can change without notice. When this happens, it can cause unintended consequences when device IDs are used for managing user devices, as existing 'allowed' devices may be unexpectedly blocked or quarantined by Exchange


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