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Hello there,


I am planning to do a migration for exchange between two forests using export/import PST files.

I would lile to export the data up to a certain date then i will do another export for delta after the cutover.

i am trying to understand the content filter siwtch and i am getting a weird behavior that i would like to understand.


i am trying the below two export commands and this just for testing and i am expecting to get after running the first one all emails sent after 2 DEC 12 AM and i am expecting to get after running the second command all the emails recived after 2 DEC 12 AM however i am getting the same output for both commands including the emails sent and received after 2 DEC  which is very ODD, i am pasting the below commands and your help is appreciated:


New-MailboxExportRequest -Name exc01-2DEC-sent1.2 -Mailbox exc01 -ContentFilter "{(sent -gt '12/2/2023') }" -FilePath \\localhost\DD\EXC01-2DEC-sent1.2.PST


New-MailboxExportRequest -Name exc01-2DEC-received1.1 -Mailbox exc01 -ContentFilter "{(Received -gt '12/2/2023') }" -FilePath \\localhost\DD\EXC01-2DEC-received1.1.PST


for both commands i am getting a PST file of the same size and after the import i see emails in inbox and sent folder for the same date.


both exchange servers are 2019 with latest CU and latest SU..

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What happen if you remove the 2 {} and just have "Sent -gt "12/02/2023" does it make a difference?

Thanks Micheal for the reply, however it does not make any difference just to be aligned:


i have done a new test as suggested by exporting the PST as follows:


New-MailboxExportRequest -Name exc01-2DEC-received3.0 -Mailbox exc01 -ContentFilter " Sent -gt '12/2/2023'" -FilePath \\localhost\DD\EXC01-2DEC-received3.0.PST


and i imported the PST in new mailbox and again i can see the emails in the inbox folder imported.


I need to understand how this command works to avoid surprises in the migration...