send email from alias

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Hello all


I have any alias





but i not see alias in From


What do I need to do to see them?


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@santapinki This feature is unavailable in on-premise Exchange environments.

I am guessing you are asking about the secondary smtp ser@rxxx? It is not possible to use the any email address other than the default smtp address "SMTP: ser@forwar" as the outbound email address.
Why then are they needed? How to receive mail on them? How can one user make two mailboxes? So that he can both send and receive.

Thanks for the answer

@santapinki Hi


Aliases are used for receiving purposes. In some cultures people change their surnames on marriage or divorce, gender change and so on. They keep the old email address as an alias. Or if you want to host a mailbox named „ibfo“ you can add aliases to it without the need of creating a mbx for every address.

Using a second mailbox for one user sounds like you‘re looking for a „shared mailbox“. You‘ll find a lot of information on microsoft‘s official website. 

If you wish to send as alias and you are running on-site Exchange server, you gave to use third-party software tools. Google for "ChooseFrom for Exchange"