Exchange 2016 message tracking

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I disable message tracking on message subject with the following command
Set-TransportService Mailbox01 -MessageTrackingLogEnabled $false
I verify the status with
Get-TransportService [<ServerIdentity>] | Format-List MessageTrackingLog*
but the server continues to track message subject. Some suggestions
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Your command doesn‘t disable tracking the subject but disables message tracking at all. Disabling subject logging is done by the parameter MessageTrackingLogSubjectLoggingEnabled $false.

After running your command: Did you restart the transport service an all machines?

Sorry i wrote the wrong command on the post. I used the right command on the server. In the Microsoft documentation i didn't find the need to restart transport service. Do you think that is mandatory ?

I‘m not sure, why not giving a try?! Restart-Service MSExchangeTransport Shouldn‘t have a big impact.
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yestarday i tried this scenario in a lab enviroment. I restarted the transport servive but doesn't work.
So I restarted the exchange server and the changes have been applied. I solved the problem.

Thank you for your support